AU10TIX Announces “3-Layer ID Image Authentication Standard” For Online And mobile Customer Acquisition at the London Fraud Conference

Latest AU10TIX technology can now take online ID image authentication and processing beyond logical data checks. Unlike previous generation solutions, latest version of AU10TIX BOS can also carry out image forgery forensics and extract embedded file meta-data including geo-location and software tracing.

Online ID document authentication has become multi-factor. New capabilities that will be shown at the London Fraud Conference on 8-9 April 2014 ( define the new standard in online ID image authentication and processing. While standard online ID authentication solution focus primarily on logical checking of the data extracted from the ID image file, the new AU10TIX BOS capabilities enable also image tempering analysis and the utilization of file meta-data such as geo-location and software tracing.

AU10TIX has already begun implementing the 3-layer authentication standard which takes online ID image authentication to the max. The new AU10TIX standard will increase the level of confidence in online ID authentication. Automating ID image authentication has been considered a major bottle-neck and resource drainer for online financial services, banking, telcos, gaming, legal services and other online and mobile service providers. With 3-way ID image authentication online customer screening and onboarding can speed up and operating efficiency increased. These enable higher conversion success chances, higher traffic handling capacity, higher operating efficiency, and now also better fraud protection and KYC compliance than before.


“Online ID authentication and processing has leaped a significant step forward, narrowing the gap between physical Id authentication and ID image authentication”, says Ron Atzmon, Managing Director of AU10TIX: “Of course, analyzing original ID documents enables a wider range of capabilities than analyzing their pictures, but the range of capabilities available for ID image authentication processing has just gone up.”

“The main factor now determining the breadth and accuracy of automating I image authentication and processing is the quality of image submitted by customers”, says Ofer Friedman, VP Marketing of AU10TIX: “With reasonable ID image quality, online service providers can now super-charge their customer acquisition and handling. And as “side benefit”, this type of technology can give online service providers access to up to 20% of customers that have low- or no- digital footprint to check against. Boom, you now have an up to 20% larger customer base…”



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