AU10TIX BOS (Back-Office Solution) automates the authentication and conversion to digital records of document scans and snapshots taken by customers using smart-phones, digital cameras, home scanners, etc. and submitted online. BOS enables online financial service providers to reduce problematic dependence on manual processing, speeding-up customer processing, increasing traffic handling capacity, saving operating costs, boosting CRM data quality and empowering KYC compliance.



ICTS International N.V. (ICTSF. OB). Amstelveen, Netherlands –  August, 2012 –  ICTS International, N.V. through its wholly owned subsidiary AU10TIX Limited announced the launch of BOS (Back Office Solution) – a pioneering solution that enables online service providers, especially in regulated markets, to automate a significant part of the processing and authentication of ID images submitted online by customers.

AU10TIX BOS is a pioneering system designed to meet the needs of online service providers in markets where regulations mandate the authentication and obtaining of customer data from digital photos or scans of ID document. Such images can be produced using common digital imagining devices such as smart-phone cameras, digital cameras, home or office scanners, webcams, etc. In the online services market, these images are produced by customers, who email, send or upload them via online applications or websites.

AU10TIX BOS is designed to meet a new set of challenges. These include the handling of a document image and not the original document, processing a VIS-only document image taken at borderline quality and lighting conditions, and sort-out irrelevant input noise. To meet these challenges, AU10TIX BOS is equipped with new input screening filters, new “image optimization” algorithms, and new policy engines.

“This is a real breakthrough”, says Ron Atzmon, AU10TIX’s managing director: “Until now online service providers had to do it all manually. This means slow reaction time, high overhead, data errors and missed fraud attempts. Time and effort are spent on images that can be automatically processed. They are also often spent on wrong page images, wrong document images, or illegible images. Now, back-office can focus only on cases where human intervention is necessary. The rest can be processed with the help of automation. This is a game changer in terms of competitiveness and operating efficiency. It’s about customer activation speed, service experience, CRM quality and straightforward cost-saving”.

AU10TIX BOS is already deployed and field-tested by online service providers from various industries.


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